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  Obtaining of sp-based carbon nanostructures by arc-discharge and chemical method... [2023-11-22]
  Accelerator challenges in SuperKEKB [2023-11-07]
  Recent Developments in Soft and Tender x-ray Spectroscopy and Microscopy [2023-10-17]
  High-resolution soft X-ray RIXS and its applications in condensed matter physics [2023-10-07]
  Gaining insight into catalytic reactions using APXPS from instrument development [2022-07-18]
  Study of strontium titanate (SrTiO3) with ambient pressure XPS [2022-07-07]
  Investigating Solid/Liquid Interfaces at BESSY II with Ambient Pressure Hard X-r... [2022-06-20]
  On-surface chemistry and autocatalytic surface explosion kinetics of non-planar... [2021-03-09]
  Probing the magnetism of topological end-states in 5- armchair graphene nanoribb... [2021-03-01]
  Complex oxide interfaces: From surface science to the solid/liquid and the elec... [2021-01-25]
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