Study on overcoming tumor drug resistance by magnetomechanical therapy combined with chemotherapy
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In recent years, the use of magnetism to overcome the drug resistance of the tumor to achieve safe, controllable and effective treatment of cancer has become one of the research hotspots in this field. This precise, non-invasive, remote approach not only allows free control of the release time of the nanomedicine, but also increases the mechanical damage to the tumor within the effective range. A novel nano-compound drug was synthesized by Aiguo Wu’s group in Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which can kill tumor cells with magnetic force and chemotherapy by controlling the release of internal chemotherapeutic drugs through external magnetic force. The interaction between nanocomposites and cells was studied with the soft X-ray imaging technology at Hefei Light Source. It was found that the two nanocomposites occupied different positions in different cancer cells, which further clarified that the nanocomposites could produce different mechanical killing effects on the cell membrane and cell matrix of different cancer cells. [Nano Today 35:100967(2020)]



Figure 5. High Resolution 3 D imaging for two kinds of Nanocomposite interacting with different cancer cells

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