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Technical information:


Bending magnet

Source size

σx = 0.9707 mm σy = 0.0947 mm

Energy range



1000 @1000eV

Total Flux

108 phs/sec @1000eV

Beam size

3 mm(h) x1mm(v)


Sample drain current


General Description

U19 beamline is designed to study magnetic films and bulk samples consisted of 3d states of transition metals (TM) or the 4f states of some rare earth (RE) elements by soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. The right- or left-circularity polarized soft x-rays accepted below or above the beam orbit plane are produced by bending magnet and monochromized with a varied line-spacing plane grating (VLSPG) monochromator and refocused by a toroidal mirror.

Beamline optic:



Ultrahigh vacuum chamber with a fast entry

Ultrahigh vacuum chamber with detector of SR light intensity

An electromagnet (up to 1500Gs)


Scientific applications:

SXMCD study of 3d state of TM and 4f of some RE samples

XAS study of elements by X-ray linear radiation


Contact Information

Wensheng Yan

TEL: +86-551-63602131

Email: ywsh2000@ustc.edu.cn


Wenhua Zhang

TEL: +86-551-63602060

Email: zhangwh@ustc.edu.cn

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