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  CLIC pre-alignment studies: description of methods and instrumentation(2011-10-2... [2011-10-24]
  Metrology and Alignment at CERN(2011-10-26) [2011-10-24]
  XPS Investigations of Reactions on Stepped Pt and Flat TiO2 Surfaces(2011-10-17) [2011-10-08]
  A Porous Molecular Network from Tetrahydroxybenzene(2011-10-14) [2011-10-08]
  Investigations on the Nb-based Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics(2011-9-27) [2011-09-27]
  Lectures on X-ray microscopy(2011-9-9~10-21) [2011-09-16]
  Mechanism for Decomposition of Protonated Glycine and its Dimer(2011-8-30) [2011-09-05]
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