800 MeV storage ring
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The HLS-II storage ring is 66.13 m long in circumference and operated with an energy of 800 MeV. It is comprised of 8 bending magnets, 32 quadrupole magnets and 32 multi-function sextupole magnets. The storage ring has 8 straight sections. One straight section is used for the injection system, by which the electron beam can be injected into the storage ring from the linac injector. One section is used for the installation of the RF cavity which supplement the energy loss of the electron beam due to synchrotron radiation. The other 6 straight sections are used to install different kinds of insertion devices (IDs) according to the requirements of the light source users. The straight sections occupies 38% of the entire storage ring, which reaches the world-class levels. 

Main parameters of the HLS-II storage ring 


66.13 m

Beam energy

0.8 GeV

RF frequency

204 MHz

Harmonic number


Energy loss (/electron/turn)

16.73 keV

Natural emittance


Beam current

300 mA

Natural energy spread (rms)


Beam lifetime

>5 hrs

Natural bunch length

14.8 mm(about 50 ps)

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