New progresses of nano-immunopotentiators and nanozymes in cancer theranostics
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The user from Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE, CAS), reported their important progresses in nano-immunopotentiators and nanozymes-based diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors by using the technology of soft X-ray imaging beamline, HLS. The relevant achievements have been published in biomaterials and nano letter, respectively. In these two works, the user designed and prepared Fe3O4 based-nano- immunopotentiators, Au/Pt based-catalase/glucose oxidase-liked nanozymes. The above-mentioned nanoprobes indicated excellent tumor immunotherapy and prevention effect, as well as photodynamic synergistic starving-like therapy on the tumor bearing mice [Biomaterials 223:119464(2019); Nano Letter 19(8):5674-5682(2019)].

 High resolution 3D imaging of interaction between nanoprobes

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