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Open positions in National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (NSRL)
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NSRL is now open for applicants who have strong backgrounds in nuclear and radiation physics, advanced characterization and technology, energy material, nanoscience and nanotechnology, etc. Rank can be varying from engineer, associate professor to full professor. Specifically, applicants with the potential to qualify for the China Talented Young Program are highly encouraged.

NSRL owns a fully upgraded soft X-ray synchrotron radiation facility, which locates on the University of Science and Technology of China west campus. The synchrotron is close to the 3rd generation level, and the facility is now with five ready-to-use endstations: combustion and flame, soft X-ray microscopy, catalysis and surface science, angle resolved photo-emission spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics. It has six other beamlines now open for future endstations.

Welcome to visit our website (http://www.nsrl.ustc.edu.cn/), for details of the application procedure, please visit:

A full curriculum vitae and a research plan are also invited directly to email:

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