Study on the stability of Cr/C multilayer film for the high efficiency toughness X-ray Monochromator
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Driven by the applications of high efficiency Cr/C multilayer coated gratings and mirrors for the tender X-ray region, the Institute of Precision Optical Engineering (IPOE) in Tongji University collaborated with the Metrology beamline in HLS, conducted an in-situ study on the stability of Cr/C multilayer under white beam irradiation. The achieved results showed an excellent stability and X-ray performance of the multilayer [Optics Express 27(26):38493-38508(2019)]. Based on this, a novel multilayer coated blazed grating was further developed within collaboration between Tongji University and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. A first set of optics, including a multilayer coated plane blazed grating and a pre-mirror were recently (Nov. 2019) installed at an X-ray microscopy beamline at the BESSY-II synchrotron in Berlin, Germany.

White light irradiation and hard X-ray reflection measurement at different positions of Cr/C multilayer film

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