Spin-state regulation for high-efficient perovskite electrocatalyst
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Perovskite have been proposed as promising noble metal-free electrocatalysts arising from synergic advantages of their structural stability, environmental friendliness and wide-range controllable electronic states. However, in these perovskite electrocatalyts systems with strongly correlated electrons, current regulation strategies inevitably accompanies with collapse of the crystal structure and ambiguous entanglement of electron degrees of freedom and crystal structure. Therefore, exploring a clear and simple system to realize pure electronic state regulation is of urgent and significant for perovskite catalysts. In response to this challenge, Yi Xie and Changzheng Wu’s group from USTC choose perovskite LaCoO3 films as study platform, using lattice-orientation brought Jahn-Teller distortion of CoO6 octahedron in LaCoO3 perovskite to control the spin-state of Co3+ ion, realizing the transformation of spin state from low-spin state(LS t2g6eg0) to Intermediate-spin state (IS t2g5eg1). The synchrotron radiation soft X-ray absorption technique further reveals that this transformation of spin state leads to the synergistic optimization of the conductivity and eg filling, which is the underlying reason for the greatly enhanced OER catalytic performance. This work has been published in Cell Press new comprehensive chemical journal Chem (Chem 3, 812–821, 2017).

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