Direct observation of type-II Dirac fermions
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In recent years, a lot of novel quantum states (e.g. type-I Dirac/Weyl femions) has been observed in condensed matter physics. Since the Lorentz invariance is not necessarily obeyed in condensed matter physics, the low energy quasi-partical excitations such as type-II Dirac/Weyl fermions could be possibly observed in topological quantum materials. After the successful observation of type-II Weyl fermions in MoTe2, the exploration of type-II Dirac fermions is still under way. Recently, using the ARPES endstation at NSRL, Prof. Shuyun Zhou group in Tsinghua University characterized the electronic structures of 1T PtTe2 and for the first time observed type-II Dirac fermions. The results are published in Nature Communications (Nat. Commun. 8, 257 (2017)). This work provides opportunities for investigating novel quantum phenomena (e.g., anisotropic magneto-transport) and topological phase transition.

he in-plane and out-of-plane dispersions in PtTe2

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