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Application of X-ray Crystal Optics to a variety of Science
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Prof. Dr. Masami ANDO, Tokyo University of Science, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society, Japan


2018-04-13 10:00


3# 210 Meeting Room, National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory



Combined technology of X-ray crystal optics and synchrotron radiation can lead us to unlimited application. A key material of crystal is silicon single crystal because of its high quality, size and availability in market. Chemical impurity is quite low ~ 10-10, crystallographic perfection is extremely high with no apparent 1D and 2D crystal imperfection existing, up to 450 mm in diameter times 1500 mm in length is easily available. Using this uniqueness one can design any X-ray crystal optics. In this lecture the reporter would like to present a history about how Si single crystal has been developed to current quality by use of a variety of characterization, especially X-ray topography. Furthermore by advent of synchrotron radiation using its high performance one could have dramatically made material science advanced such as EXAFS, small angle scattering, a variety of X-ray imaging etc. Here in this presentation I would like to report application of X-ray optics to medical imaging in order to clearly see cancer, defect at vessel and soft tissue of bone that have been invisible by ordinary absorption-based X-ray contrast.


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