Science Highlights
  The Application of Synchrotron Radiation Infrared Microspectroscopic Imaging in ... [2015-01-12]
  Structure and dielectric properties of La-based High dielectric constant gate di... [2015-01-12]
  An innovative mini-MFC fabricated using photolithography [2015-01-12]
  SRPES study on the interfacial electronic structures of graphene-based OFET [2015-01-12]
  Two papers have been selected as "2010 the most influential international academ... [2015-01-12]
  Discovering the Facet Effect of Metal Nanocrystals in Activating Molecular Oxyge... [2015-01-12]
  Nitrogen-Doped sp2-Hybridized Carbon as a Superior Catalyst for Selective Oxidat... [2015-01-12]
  Regulation of electron-electron correlation effect towards the improvement of th... [2015-01-12]
  Pillar effect on cyclability enhancement for aqueous lithium ion batteries [2015-01-12]
  Three-dimensional reconstruction of solid oxide fuel cell electrode using nano X... [2015-01-12]
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