Infrared spectroscopy and microspectroscopy
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Technical Information

Source Bend magnet
Acceptance angle 65(H)×55 (V) mrad2
Photon energy range 15-4000 cm-1
Energy resolving power 0.25 cm-1
Photon flux ~1013photons/sec/0.1%bw@mid-infrared
Spatial resolution for Mid-infrared microspectroscopy Diffraction limited (~10 um at 1000 cm-1)

Experimental technique

Spectroscopy: Absorption (Transmission), Reflection, diffuse reflection. 

Microspectroscopy and Imaging

Sample environment: 

Cryostat: 5-300K (Janis ST-100)

High temperature: 300-500K

Liquid cell

High pressure DACdiamond anvil cell


Experimental equipment

Bruker IFS 66v Fourier transformation spectrometer

Bruker vertex 70v Fourier transformation spectrometer

Bruker Hyperson 3000 microscope

Beamsplitter: KBr, Mylar, Quartz

Detector: MCT, DTGS, Si-bolometer, 64x64 elements Focal Plane Array (FPA)


Research Fields

Biology and biomedicine : chemical imaging of single cell and tissues, protein secondary structure 

Physics: low energy electrodynamics of correlated electron system; Metal-insulator transition

Material science: optical property of semiconductor, dielectric and superconductor; vibrational spectroscopy of organic molecule; structure of polymer

Chemistry: structural and chemical characterization of catalysis

Geology: component and structure of fluid inclusion in mineral

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