Spectral Radiation Standard and Metrology
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Technical information

   Source: Bend magnet, 5mrad (Horiz)X 1 mrad (Vert) acceptance angle

   Energy range: 5-140nm

   Flux: ~109-10Phot/s

   Energy resolution: 300

   Spot Size: 5mm(H)X1mm(V) 


Bend magnet

Acceptance angle

5mrad (H)X 1 mrad (V)

Photon energy range

5-140nm (10-250eV)

Photon flux


Energy resolution


Endstation vacuum



Endstation facility
• Reflectometer :
Reflectometer working model: Wavelength Scan, Fixed Sample Stage and Detector degree; Degree scan (detector 2q and sample stage q), Fixed Wavelength; Detector degree scan, Fixed wavelength and Sample Stage degree; Sample stage degree scan, Fixed Wavelength and Detector degree
• Rare gas ionization chamber ( as standard detector) : comparing standard and transfer detector.
• Detector: IRD AXUV100G
• Higher order suppressing filters: Si, Al, Mg, Zr, MgF2, LiF


Research area
Measuring optical element reflectivity, transmissivity and efficiency.
Comparing standard and transfer detector.
Measuring gas absorbtion cross section. 


Hongjun ZHOU

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